Looking over the Horizon Towards 2014

Hello!  Welcome to the Closure 2014 page, I am Kevin Griess, the Deputy Garrison Commander. To our teammates who attended the Team Appreciation Day on Friday, and to those that could not make it, I want to say thank you once again for all the hard work you continue to put in for our Soldiers and our families.  I hope the event was enjoyable for all those that attended.

The best part about Friday was that it marked a turning point for us as a Garrison Staff. Many of our personnel actions are complete, the RIF is behind us for the most part, we have wrapped up our fiscal year, and we were able to celebrate our team spirit together.

I look forward to our new fiscal year and 2013. There are many challenges ahead of us, but after seeing all the positive motivation and team spirit among our garrison staff in the recent months, I know that our way forward will be positive for both the garrison staff and our community customers. Although we are closing in 23 months, I am proud that each member of our team is focused on delivering our services with quality.

Our Soldiers and families will not be closing the garrison, their focus will be to return from deployment, reintegrate with their families, relocate to another garrison in USAREUR, PCS, or leave the Army. We are committed to ensuring their quality of life to the best possible degree until they successfully transition. With the end of the RIF, our garrison team is set and ready for the next 2 years. There is nothing in our way of a great 2 years and a proud closure and transition at the end.


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