Team Set for Closure, Mission Focused

Schweinfurt, this is your Garrison Commander, LTC Mike Runey. I want to bring you into the conversation regarding the future of our USAG Schweinfurt Garrison team as we prepare for closure.

The U.S. Army in Europe announced Nov. 8 last year that it would reorganize with reductions in military, Department of the Army civilian and local national positions, in accordance with Department of Defense direction.
That directive’s local impact was the reduction in force, or RIF, of about 123 Local National positions in Schweinfurt, which was set to go into effect March 2013.

But that number — which reflected positions and not actual people — has been significantly reduced, as a result of an updated operations order known as a fragmentary order, or FRAGO, released by the director of all U.S. Army garrisons in Europe on Oct. 11.

Therefore, as of today, 1 November 2012, no Local National employee on our USAG Schweinfurt IMCOM team will be involuntarily separated prior to summer 2014.

So, our IMCOM garrison team is set, and we are now all focused on our mission: closure. 

In my next blog entry I will discuss our approach to closure as a garrison and a community, but know this: our first priority in the closure process is ensuring all Soldiers and units have the highest quality restationing, PCS, or ETS experience we can provide. We will continue to protect the life, health, and safety of every member of our community until departure. Finally, we will continue to reform and rebuild our sense of community and quality of life as we draw down, both for our community members and our employees.

The IMCOM-Europe team has enabled us to keep the best team in place to focus on the mission of closing while taking care of Soldiers and families. Since last November our collective hard work paid off due to the efforts of IMCOM-Europe, garrison leaders, tenant units and organizations, the Works Council and our employees to enable us to accomplish our mission requirements.

This recent announcement enabling us to set our team for closure means USAG Schweinfurt has the capability to support you during the closure process much better than we anticipated.   We still need you to engage with us: communicate via Facebook with great tips or encouragement; send in ICE—reinforce great customer service while suggesting ways we can improve; see ACS about volunteering; apply for a job—the closure process will likely open many TEMP or TERM positions; and take care of each other through the challenges of restationing.

Our Team is set and ready to take on the challenges of closure together. We look forward to working with you!  Meanwhile, check out the video below highlighting Friday’s celebration.


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