PCSing With Pets

ImageHi!  My name is Michele and I am a military spouse who has lived in Schweinfurt for over two years.  My husband and I are avid travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Currently, the only thing missing in our lives is a dog.  Unfortunately, our quaint living space doesn’t allow for pets.  But we do have many friends here who are pet owners.  So between them, we get plenty of K9 interaction for the time being.  First on our agenda when moving back to the States – get a dog! Image

Needless to say, pets are on my mind.  I would like to introduce you to Maggie May—owned by my friends Meg and Robert – part of our military family.  Three years ago, Maggie joined her parents and boarded a flight to Germany.  Since then, this seasoned traveler has explored numerous world famous countries—France, Italy and Czech Republic—just to name a few.  Yet, as with any Schweinfurt military family, Maggie’s departure is looming in the near future.

Over a casual conversation, Meg and I started talking about what it takes to get Maggie back to the States.  Boy was I surprised.  I didn’t realize how complicated pet travel is.  In addition to the routine procedures, Meg enlightened me to the fact that our base is closing.  That means hundreds of Soldiers and families will all be out-processing at the same time—many of which own pets!  Meg was able to tell me what she is doing to prepare, and showed me the resources available to families PCSing with pets.  So, I figure, if this information helped Meg, it might help you as well.

ImageArmy Community Services  (ACS)
Provides a PCS checklist/timeline with a section devoted to pets.  Download a copy here or pick one up at ACS.


Schweinfurt Veterinarian Clinic
Contact the Veterinary Clinic with any questions.  They are always available to help.  Plus, they will help you schedule any necessary appointments needed before travel.

ImagePet Tips & Tricks
Download this helpful guide for families PCSing with pets.  Information provided by the Schweinfurt Veterinarian Clinic

ImageSATO Travel
Every airline has their own rules and safety standards for flying pets home.  Here is what you need to know if you are flying your pet home on the Patriot Express.

I hope this information helps you and your pet prepare for the trip.  Next stop… home sweet home!


7 thoughts on “PCSing With Pets

  1. Thanks for this information. But what confuses me is, for example, we fly out thru Patriot Express, I have a Shih-tzu and I know the pet fee for him is $90 since he’s below 70lbs. And I know PE only flies to certain destination, so what if we catch a connecting flight from BWI (for example) to our final destination thru another airline, do we need to pay for another pet fee again?

    • @arleth – Yes, you will have to pay an additional pet fee depending on your connecting airline and flight route. Your Patriot Express animal fee only covers that leg of your flight. Fees and safety standards are different between each carrier, so make sure you go on their website or call one of their representatives to get exact information before booking your flight.


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