If only the Army would…

What would you say to the Secretary of the Army if you met him for five minutes? Would you ask about PCS benefits? Uniform changes? Perhaps you would ask him to change a regulation to make it a little better for the average Soldier or family. Whether you are a Soldier, spouse, teenager, or civilian employee, the question is…What would YOU ask?

Each year the Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) conference gives each one of us a chance to do just that – speak to the top leaders of the Army. Once a year, garrisons across the Army host local AFAP conferences to gather issues from Army Soldiers and Families. During the conference, participants analyze and discuss issues and possible solutions at length. They are then either resolved at the garrison level by the garrison commander, or they are forwarded up through the chain of command to whichever level can resolve it or have an answer. Many times, issues go all the way to the top of the Army. Since the Army began AFAP, there have been 123 changes to laws, 177 Army wide policy changes, and 197 overall improvements. That’s nearly 500 Army members who successfully made a difference in the Army.

Be number 501!

Unfortunately, we often miss the opportunity to participate in AFAP because we are all busy, did not see it coming and did not take advantage of it when it was in front of us. Do not miss this year’s opportunity! We are having our AFAP conference on December 11-13 here at Schweinfurt. Take a few minutes to remember all of those, “If only the Army would….” moments you have had all year long and send them into us. We want your ideas, suggestions, and topics. We NEED them to make our Army better. Be part of the solution – take an active role in your Army and help improve it.

To take advantage of this year’s December 11-13 AFAP opportunity, submit your topics or issues to us as soon as possible, but no later than 30 November. There are two ways to submit issues, the first is to go to our great website at http://www.teamschweinfurt.com, go on the left hand side to INFOVAULT and under that you will see “AFAP Issue Submission.” Just use that webform and send your issue in or volunteer to be an active participant in the conference itself. The second method of engaging is to send an email to our AFAP coordinator, Mr. David Blakeman at david.l.blakeman2.civ@mail.mil. David is in our Army Community Service (ACS) division of MWR. Submit an issue or participate in our conference December 11-13 at Schweinfurt – email or call David today and let’s make our Army stronger!

– Kevin Griess, the Deputy Garrison Commander


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