Schweinfurt employees: Relieve stress, boost productivity

FitnessClassSchweinfurt employees, every one of you will in some way be affected by the garrison closure. Some will retire, some will find employment elsewhere, some will move to the States and some will remain here. Each of us in a unique situation. All of us are stressed! We all feel the burden of closing a garrison while also keeping it operational. Providing quality of life to our Soldiers and families is our job. But doing your job when you don’t even know what your job will be after closure can be stressful. I want to let you in on something I think can help.

Hello Schweinfurt, I’m Joy Bearor. I work for the Directorate of Human Resources here in Schweinfurt. A few colleagues and I want to offer you the Army Civilian Wellness and Fitness Program. The program gives you three hours a week on the clock to exercise.

spin the bikeI’m telling this to you because I think it works. It’s no secret that exercise relieves stress and boosts productivity. Physicians are almost unanimous: Exercise relieves stress and anxiety. In fact, a 2012 study in the Journal of Business and Psychology reveals that bosses who fail to exercise are more prone to lash out at their employees. And a 2011 study conducted by Swedish researchers concluded that devoting work time to physical activity can lead to higher productivity.

And to all our Schweinfurt families and Soldiers, don’t be fooled. This is NOT a waste of tax dollars or free time for our employees to goof-off. This is an investment. This means more productive employees with fewer sick days. A car needs a little TLC to run strong and long. And so too do our employees!

The program ends May 4 and the registration deadline is March 4.

Schweinfurt, the most popular and successful means of relieving stress is through physical activity. Take advantage of the Civilian Fitness and Wellness!

Enrollment packets are available here. For details, check out this press release at


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