I’m PCSing to Schweinfurt…Why?

Kids PCS

A PCS move usually means the entire family is relocating. How can Schweinfurt support you and your family even when closing?

This is the Deputy Garrison Commander. First, let me say that the main reason U.S. Army Garrison Schweinfurt exists is to sustain and support combat capability.

USAG Schweinfurt still serves as a staging ground for a number of battalions and brigade headquarters. While some of those units will either re-station at other garrisons or eventually deactivate, USAG Schweinfurt will continue to provide exceptional service to Soldiers, families and civilians remaining here up through the summer of 2014. And since these remaining units will continue to operate under DOD and USAREUR guidance through 2014, they will need to continue to rotate Soldiers in and out.

It is the Army’s goal to give a Soldier and his or her respective family a full year on station. That’s why USAG Schweinfurt, in all likelihood, will stop receiving Soldiers and their families by the end of the summer of 2013.

Once the garrison makes final preparations to close and turn over to the host nation, Soldiers will have by then received orders to their next duty station.

Rest assured that garrison leadership and USAG Schweinfurt staff are committed to ensuring you have the best quality of life during your time in Schweinfurt. We will take care of you, your husband and your children. Services will continue. Schools will continue educating students through the 2013-2014 school year. In short, we will provide you with the resources ensuring optimal life, health and safety during your time here.


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