Library books are government property that must be returned

LibrarianHallo, I’m Christine Willis, your USAG Schweinfurt librarian. You may have seen me around post. I’m the tall German woman with red and (sometimes) blue streaks. I want to clear any confusion regarding the rumor that we are either giving away or throwing out all our books, music collections and movies. Although I wish we could give our materials away to interested community members, we are definitely doing neither. Allow me to explain.

All of our library materials are government property. Therefore we must treat them as such. Consider a government vehicle or military tank. You couldn’t give it away when not in use. Library materials aren’t much different.

NVS_8174Our base closure plan follows a well established process which ensures complete accountability with a well ordered procedure for re-distribution of all our library materials. The procedures we follow are in accordance with the Army’s library closure standard operating procedures (SOP).

As part of the SOP, one year out our staff starts a weeding process. We begin removing damaged, worn, and out-of-date materials. That will ensure that any items sent out reflect the good – and likely be taken – material and allow other libraries and organizations to make selections easier. One month out the staff create lists of materials and books that are available for re-distribution and send these listings out to other agencies. The order for re-distribution of materials is:NVS_8211-crop

  1. Army Libraries
  2. All Department of Defense Libraries
  3. Any other federal institutions
  4. Charities and host nation institutions
  5. Any items left will be turned into the Defense Reutilization Management Office (DRMO)

I hope this clears up any confusion. We intend to remain open for as long as possible. If you have any questions, come on in. We’re located in building 242 on Ledward Barracks by the ACS office. Or call us at DSN 354-1740, CIV 09721-96-1740 or visit us online.


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