Ledward postal services are closing…what do I do now?

ledward-cmrDid you know that your CMR 457 box is moving to Conn? Did you know that the Ledward post office is closing? Do you have questions?

Hi, my name is Larry Baricuatro, the USAG Schweinfurt postmaster, and I am here to help answer your questions.

Now you may be asking “Larry, why are CMR 457 boxes and postal services being moved to Conn Barracks?”

Well, due to closure we are starting the process of consolidating mail services on Ledward Barracks and moving them to Conn Barracks.

I know the most important question that you have is: Do I need to change my address?

ledwardpoThe answer to that one is NO, you will not have to change your address. There are only two things that will change — where you pick-up your mail and the combination to your receptacle at the Conn mail room.

So your next question might be: When will this change take place?

Here is the plan we have for the consolidation.

  • Letters have been distributed to CMR 457 box owners.
  • Starting soon window clerks and postal service members will start asking you if you have heard about the upcoming consolidation, inform you of the change and provide you with the information you need.
  • In the middle of May CMR 457 box owners may be able to start picking up their new combinations from the window clerks for their boxes on Conn.
  • The last day customers can pick-up their mail at CMR 457 will be May 31.
  • Beginning June 3, CMR 457 box holders need to start picking up their mail from the Conn mail room, Bldg. 38.
  • The last day for customers to do any kind of postal services at the Ledward post office will be June 5.
  • Starting June 6, all post office services will only be conducted at the Conn post office, Bldg. 101.

We are going to try to make the transition as painless and as easy as possible. If you have questions all you need to do is ask the window service or postal clerks and they will assist you.


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