Why community events are important in Schweinfurt

CelebrationEventPic3The Garrison Command Sergeant Major, CSM Gordon, and I often discuss the significance of community.  We think of community as people feeling connected to each and consisting of three parts:

  1. Community Place. So, where can people come together? Community may mean as few as three, four or five people, and it can mean a couple hundred. Where are the places? Let’s make sure they’re in good shape, good order, taken care of, and they’re policed.
  2. Community Event. Where are the events? We schedule a few, but not all of them. We schedule the ones we can resource. Others plan fun events—everything from unit organization days to high school sports to neighborhood cookouts.
  3. Community Mindset. The mindset is really the feeling that you’re invited, that we need you there, we want you there. Hey, bring a friend, bring what you can.

Once we identified that those three key factors of community could happen, and told some real stories of community in action, this thing really took on a life of its own.

A lot of things have changed in Schweinfurt in the past few years. During a time where closure is still very much on our minds, our staff has made it clear that we reject to have a “we’re dying” mindset. Instead, we build and strengthen community every way we can. And we invite each of you to do the same.


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