How do I forward my address if I am PCSing?

Larry BaricuatroWhile working in the Army postal service for the past 20 years I have seen how frustrated Soldiers, family members and civilian employees can get when their mail isn’t properly forwarded to their next location.

Hi, I am Larry Baricuatro, the USAG Schweinfurt postmaster and I am here to help make sure your mail is delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Many of you will be processing and moving out of here shortly. To make sure that your mail doesn’t pile up here in Schweinfurt you will need to forward your mail to your next duty station or an address stateside. Getting this done is an easy process.

During your mandatory PDP out you will need to out process with your mail room. This just simply means that you will need to go to your CMR and inform the window clerk that you are leaving.

You will then be handed PS-3955 form to fill out. The form can be completed right then and there at the window counter. This form tells us where we will need to forward you mail.

If you are relocating to Grafenwoehr or any other military duty station in Europe it is still mandatory for you to come into the CMR and let us know your new address.

For one year, we will forward any first class mail we receive for one year and also forward your magazine subscriptions for 60 days for you to your new location.


image by jason dean | creative commons

If you don’t fill out the form or let us know that you are leaving, we are sometimes able to contact units to find out where an individual has moved to, but with units shutting down or moving this may be difficult in the future.

Failure to out process at the CMR will cause major delays in receiving your mail in a timely manner.

We will do everything in our power to get that mail to that person, but we need your help. If you have questions all you need to do is ask the window service or postal clerks and they will assist you.


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