Civilian employees living off-post can move onto post

askrenWe recently received a very good question on our blog regarding off-post housing. A community member asked, “Can garrison civilian employees living off-post move onto post?” The answer is yes, with some qualifications.

Our goal is to maintain, and even enhance, a strong sense of community for all of the Soldiers, Civilians and Families that make up the Schweinfurt Community. This is one reason why we are offering families living in off-post government leased or private rental housing the opportunity to move on-post.

If you are a USAG Schweinfurt civilian employee, you may be eligible to move on-post if you are currently receiving a living quarters allowance, known as LQA. If you receive LQA, make the official request at our housing office. The request requires an exception to policy and approval from our higher headquarters, but I assure you that we’ll work to get you into Army Family Housing.

big boxesIf approved, your LQA is used to reimburse Army Family Housing for the cost of housing services, including utility costs.

If you meet this criterion, contact the Schweinfurt housing office at DSN 354-6448/6712, 09721-96-6448/6317. The housing office is located on the second floor of the Directorate of Public Works Annex, Bldg. 252, near the MP station

We believe that in order to maintain a strong sense of community, we need to maintain a vibrant sense of life in our housing areas. So, if you are an American civilian employee working at USAG Schweinfurt, and you are interested in living in an on-post housing unit, I encourage you to contact our housing office.

If you need assistance while here in Schweinfurt, reach out to us, we are committed to making all of our Soldiers, Families and Civilians’ transitions as smooth as possible. Know who to ask and be sure to use the resources available at ACS or our PCS resources page at our Closure site.


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