EDIS : We’re still here and ready to help


Schweinfurt’s EDIS team comprised of (from L-R) Regina Quigley, SLP; Lauren Gardner, Program Manager and Occupational Therapist; and Denise Terrill, Early Childhood Special Educator.

Hi, my name is Lauren Gardner and I am the EDIS Program Manager for Schweinfurt. EDIS—which stands for Educational and Developmental Intervention Services—provides services to infant and toddlers from birth to 3 years.

Early Intervention providers help families identify if their child has a delay in one of the five developmental areas: adaptive, personal-social, communication, motor and cognitive (thinking skills). EDIS also provides information on child development, resources to support children’s learning, ideas for promoting learning at home and in the community, and plans to help enhance children’s development.

It may have been a surprise to some parents who use our services to see our building recently vacated. Let me ease your concerns! On June 13, the EDIS office on Ledward Barracks, Bldg. 267 relocated down the road to the Schweinfurt Health Clinic in an effort to consolidate garrison medical services.

Rest assured, EDIS is still here and we’re still providing the same services as have been provided before the move. Our hours are 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 7:30 a.m.-12 p.m. on Friday. We are closed on Friday afternoons for clinic wide trainings.

There’s still some concern about how we will provide services during furlough. From July 8 to Sept. 30 there will be no EDIS services available on Fridays. Even still this should not affect our ability to deliver services, as the base draws down our caseloads have decreased considerably so we will have no difficulty providing our services between Monday and Thursday.

Referrals to Early Intervention can be made by parents directly or by medical staff. Parents should visit us on the 4th floor of Schweinfurt’s Health Clinic or call us at 09721-96-6257 to request a developmental screening. Services are provided at no cost to you!

Why worry about your child’s development? Get answers, give us a call today!


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