Your ‘How-to’ guide to bulk trash disposal

Did you know that YOU—the members who serve in the U.S. military as Soldiers and civilians—represent less than one percent of the American population?  It’s true. We live unique lives! Every few years, we pick-up and pack-out our entire family and belongings with our nomadic lifestyles as we PCS around the globe. So it’s no wonder that we have bulk trash items in need of disposal when we move. So how do we get rid of it?

Askren Recycle Center

Askren’s Recycle Center

Schweinfurt, this is 1LT Dawn Hoch and I’m your DPW Operations Officer. One of my priorities is to ensure our garrison delivers the services you need to live normal everyday lives. There are several convenient and environmentally friendly procedures that are available to you for the proper disposal of bulk trash items.

Bulk trash are items that are too large to fit into you regular trash container. They include old furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, old grills, used bed sheets, blankets and large toys.

When it comes to getting rid of your junk, you have a few options:

  1. Bring all bulk trash items to the recycle centers on either Askren Manor or Conn Barracks. This is a free service that in the German economy would cost you a pretty penny. The recycle centers webpage highlights what you can and cannot drop off at each center. If you have a DOD ID card, and you live off-post, you can still drop off bulk trash at these recycle centers. Not all bulk items go into the bulk container at the recycle centers. Ensure that you properly recycle and place metal, electronic and wood items in the proper containers (i.e. bikes and grills).
  2.  If you live on Askren Manor, Yorktown Village or government-leased housing off-post, you can leave your bulk items on the curb every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. We’ll pick it up for you. This service is primarily for items too large to fit in a car and brought to the recycle centers. Rule of thumb: If you can’t transport it to the recycle center yourself, use this service. Examples include sofas, recliners, mattresses, carpets, entertainment centers and large outdoor toys. Please do not put items out earlier than Monday evening. Only bulk items will be collected. View the “Facilities & Grounds” calendar for the most up-to-date pick-ups. People who live in either government-leased housing or private rentals also have the option to use city recycle centers. Check out our “Helping the Pre-Move Purge” blog for a list of second-hand stores that will take you junk and even pick it up for you free of charge.
  3.  If your bulk items are still good and can be re-used by someone else, consider dropping them off at our Freecycle Center located in Building 36 on Conn Barracks. The center offers you a great way to connect with other service personnel and Family members who are looking for what you have to donate…or are donating what you would like to have.

    Conn Recycle Center (1)

    The Recycle Center on Conn Barracks

  4.  Consider selling your items at our flea markets and yard sale scheduled October 26, or consider hosting your own yard sale. For details on how to host your own yard sale, read SGM Kamakahi-Watson’s blog, “How to host your own yard sale.”

If you have further questions on the proper disposal of bulk trash and recyclables, visit our Separating or Recycling Trash (SORT) page, or contact our SORT coordinator Brad Posey at DSN 354-6201, CIV 0162-270-9403.

Team, our garrison is closing. You have my word that we will continue to work closely with the community as the garrison takes on a new identity. We will continue to play an active role in the community until the last person leaves. But we need your help: Dispose of bulk trash correctly. Thank-you!


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