How to host your own yard sale

SGM Thao Kamakahi-WatsonTeam Schweinfurt, as an Army garrison that is set to close by September of 2014, we are a community confronted with a major challenge: Just what are we to do with all of our junk?

This is SGM Thao Kamakahi-Watson, your Garrison Command Sergeant Major. My last name is tough to pronounce (it’s Hawaiian), so feel free to just call me SGM K-Watson for short. As a community we breathe the same air, use the same facilities and share common areas. We all share in the responsibility of properly disposing of our waste, cleaning up after our pets and keeping our common areas clear of junk.

Just imagine if we were to universalize one bad habit. That is, the next time you consider improperly throwing something away at the SORT yard, or if you consider leaving bulk trash behind for someone else to pick up, I want you to ask yourself, what if everyone did that? Well, we’d have a collective mess!

Believe me, I know it’s not easy to keep our areas clean and our community in tip-top shape. I have two kids of my own and it can be a real challenge. But like I tell my kids when we go camping, let’s leave this place cleaner than the way we found it. There are probably many solutions to this problem. I’d be happy to hear what you have to say. Leave some productive feedback below. But for the time being, in an effort to guarantee that our future is what we all want it to be, here are three solutions.

  1. Use garrison resources. DPW Operations Officer, 1LT Dawn Hoch wrote a blog recently on resources available to you. Use them. Bottom line is that we’re here to help you. The Freecycle Center, for example, where you can drop off you pre-owned merchandise, relocated to Conn Barracks, Bldg. 36. And certainly don’t forget about our Recycle Centers at Askren Manor and Conn Barracks, which are both conveniently located for your use. Just please teach your kids how to properly dispose of waste and recyclables.
  2. dude with sale blocksBe creative. Sure, most of us are leaving Germany, and even more of us are leaving Schweinfurt. But that doesn’t mean someone else can’t use our old stuff. There are plenty of Soldiers and families moving elsewhere in Germany. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can probably earn a buck on some of your used stuff. For one, the Stars and Stripes classifieds section offers you a great way to connect with other service personnel and family members who are looking for what you have. Or, if you want to keep it local, consider selling your stuff at other venues mentioned in our “Helping the Pre-Move Purge” blog.
  3. Host your own yard sale. Our folks at MWR often organize for your convenience community-wide yard sales. Currently, we have one scheduled for January 31 at Winterfest. But because everyone’s goal is to keep our area’s free of junk, I’d also like to offer you the option to host your own yard sale. In accordance with our housing handbook (page 19), yard or lawn sales are permitted, but must be coordinated and approved through the Garrison CSM. It’s easy. All you have to do is print the form here. In the editable fields, include the sponsor’s name and address, as well as the time and date of the yard sale. Read the guidelines and have the sponsor sign on page 2. Then, bring the form to me. I’m located in the command building on Ledward Barracks, Bldg. 206 first floor. If I’m not in, leave it with the front desk staff with point of contact information. We only ask that you remove any signs used for advertising your sale upon completion of the event. And while we can’t advertise or endorse your personal yard sale on the garrison Facebook page, you can still post your own comments publicizing your yard sale. It’s that easy!

Team Schweinfurt, we share the environment, resources and facilities with the entire community. Only you can determine the kind of community you want to live in. So, please, do your part. Keep our community beautiful!

For more, read about hazardous waste disposal, vehicle disposal and>what to do with your POV when you PCS.


3 thoughts on “How to host your own yard sale

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