If my children and I are moving, how do I find out more about the schools at my next duty station?


Beth Potter, Schweinfurt’s School Liaison Officer

Moving from one duty station to the next can feel like a scary change, but the transition doesn’t have to be fraught with uncertainty. Every military installation has a School Liaison Officer (SLO) who specializes in providing information about the local schools, tips on what to expect, and guidance on the ins and outs of navigating the system. As Schweinfurt’s School Liaison officer I provided this information to parents as they moved to the community. SLO’s have strong educational backgrounds and are knowledgeable about school-related issues on the installation and in the local school district. Whether you intend on homeschooling and would like information about state laws, local resources or homeschooling support groups or if you have a high school student who will be transitioning to college or another post-secondary opportunity, your SLO can help you make those connections. You can find a list of all ARMY SLOs, as well as their contact information, here.

There are also a number of sources online that can help your research on the schools at your new duty station.

A site chalk full of information about schools at your next duty station. It includes an Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine world-wide directory to facilitate accurate and immediate contact with the SLO at your new duty station.

If you have children with special needs, visit idea.ed.gov.  Here you will find an all-inclusive guide to accommodating children with disabilities from birth to 21 years of age.

This resource provides invaluable information about schools near the installation where you will be living. All you have to do is create a profile for your Family and school students, then search for schools that fit your Families’ needs.

SchoolQuest.org's home page

SchoolQuest.org’s home page

By visiting the above sites, as well as contacting your new post’s SLO, you will ensure that you are as informed as possible about the schools at your new duty station.


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