Schweinfurt’s last school year: What you need to know


Schweinfurt parents and students, the last school year ever at USAG Schweinfurt is fast approaching. And as the season of summer vacation draws to a close and families begin preparing for a new school year, many questions have been arising regarding school supplies, school dress codes, and school configuration changes.

As the School Liaison Officer, my goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date information to help making planning easier. Let’s make the last year here the best year ever!

Most importantly, if you have not yet registered your students for the 13-14 School Year (SY), registration is currently ongoing and parents are highly encouraged to stop by their student’s respective schools.


  • Schweinfurt Elementary School (SES) — Students from Sure Start through 6th grade will attend the Schweinfurt Elementary School located on Askren Manors directly across from the commissary.

The first day of school for 1st-12th grade students will be on Monday, 26 August. Teacher and classroom assignments will be posted on the SES front door after 1500 pm Friday, 23 August.

Kindergarten will begin on Tuesday, 3 September with a parent breakfast hosted at SES. Kindergarten teachers will be scheduling home visits during the week of 26 August and kindergarten students can look forward to meeting their teacher in person before their first day of school.

Sure Start (SS) classes will begin on Thursday, 12 September. If you have a student who will be 4 by 1 September, you may request and return a Sure Start application to the SES main office. Applications will be reviewed by the SS committee and families with eligible students will be notified of their child’s acceptance into the program.

  • Schweinfurt Middle/High School (SMHS) — 7th-12th grade students will be attending school at Schweinfurt Middle High School (SMHS) located on Kessler Field, near Yorktown village.

Schweinfurt's Elementary School will remain on Askren Manor while the Middle and High Schools will be consolidated at Kessler Field for the 2013-2014 School Year

Families with students who will be attending SMHS for the first time are encouraged to attend the New Student Orientation on 23 August at SHS. The scheduled time for 7th-8th Grade students is from 1300-1400 and for 9th-12th Grade students from 1100-1200.

All students attending SMHS will receive their school schedules on the first day of school.


The Schweinfurt AAFES Main Exchange on Ledward Barracks has a list of school supplies for the SES/SMHS 13-14 School Year. This list is also available on the USAG Schweinfurt webpage at the Schools and Kids Calendar.

In addition to the list of generalized school supplies, parents with SS-6th Grade students may also receive additional classroom or teacher-specific school supply lists from their child’s teacher during the first week of school. 7th-12th grade students will receive subject and teacher specific requirements during the first week of school.


All Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) have a school dress code which can be found and referenced in the school’s student handbook.

With community and School Advisory Committee (SAC) concurrence, the 13-14 SY SES dress code has been broadened to include any color denim jeans or leg wear of any solid color. Shirts and footwear of any solid color may also be worn. These changes have been implemented to make selection and availability easier, and more extensive. For more specific guidance on the SES dress code, please see the Student Dress Policy located at the SES website,

Students in 7th-12th grade are expected to comply with the guidance of the SMHS student handbook located at the SMHS website,

Our community goal is to help your student be successful in school and to make the 13-14 SY painless and transparent as possible. We realize that there may be more questions out there. Please don’t hesitate to contact Schweinfurt Elementary, Schweinfurt Middle High School, or contact me, Beth Potter the School Liaison Officer at DSN 354-6057, CIV 09721-96-6057 or via email at

As a community, we have the strength, knowledge and experience to make all student transitions successful.


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