Changes to Schweinfurt’s Religious Services

We are a year out from garrison closure. The Schweinfurt workforce and support staff have a renewed focus: close and move out. At the RSO, we’re taking on a dual mission: continue to excel in providing religious support to the garrison community and prepare for closure. Here’s the most current update to how we’re accomplishing the mission.


  1. Turning in of Furniture and Supplies of the RSO: Offices across Schweinfurt and Bamberg are slimming down as a result of our shared mission. In synch with our higher command’s intent, I have instructed RSO personnel to properly turn in or transfer to another military community all furniture or supplies not used on a regular basis. We are making headway just as we continue to provide religious support. To date we have permanently closed Conn Chapel, permanently closed the Family Life Center, we have cleaned out the RSO’s Fellowship Hall and basements and have permanently moved the Director of Religious Education’s office. The bulk of closure preparations is now complete, and we anticipate no further significant reductions in furniture and supplies.
  2. Longevity of Religious Support Programs: Despite the significant population decline of USAG Schweinfurt, the RSO has not cancelled any of its religious support programs. We will keep all programs active as long as realistically possible. However, eventually all religious support programs must come to an end due to closure. Command priorities will guide decision-making over the course of the transformation. Services that don’t meet command priorities will be taken offline, reduced, or substituted. Specifically, when a religious support program has consistent low participation, command will make the decision as to whether a program should continue. We will keep you informed of any major change.
  3. Oliver

    Captain Oliver, Schweinfurt’s Garrison Chaplain.

    Chaplain Oliver’s Departure: I am leaving. Sad but true. I have come down on orders and will be permanently leaving the Schweinfurt community on December 4, 2013. At this time Chaplain Ilokaba (the Deputy Garrison Chaplain) will assume many of my responsibilities with the assistance of Chaplain Kim (the USAG Ansbach Garrison Chaplain). With regard to the 0930 Protestant Worship Service, this coming November will be a transitional month where the unit chaplains will take lead of the service. In regard to the 1300 Gospel Worship Service, CSM and Mrs. Forbes will continue to lead this service, and this coming November a unit chaplain will replace me as the chaplain sponsor of the service. The Gospel Worship Service will be informed when the specific chaplain sponsor replacement has been identified.

  4.  Communications: Our goal at the RSO is to keep lines of communication open. Again, we will keep you informed of major changes to the services we provide. Please feel free to communicate any questions, concerns, or needs to the sponsor of the specific religious support program that it pertains to, and that sponsor will ensure that it is addressed with the RSO.

Every religious support program has a sponsor and the following are those sponsors:

  • Catholic Mass: Chaplain Ilokaba
  • Catholic Women of the Chapel: Chaplain Ilokaba
  • Chapel Night: Dr. Hilley
  • Club Beyond: Ms. Lloyd
  • Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Religious Education: Dr. Hilley
  • Fall Fest: Dr. Hilley
  • Gospel Worship Service: Chaplain Oliver
  • Men of the Chapel: Chaplain Oliver
  • Prayer Breakfasts: Chaplain Oliver
  • Protestant Women of the Chapel: Chaplain Akers
  • Protestant Worship Service: Chaplain Oliver
  • Watchcare (Childcare): Dr. Hilley

For detailed information about all of the RSO’s programs please visit the RSO’s section of here.


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