Schweinfurt’s ACS: providing essential services through closure


Schweinfurt’s ACS Director, Patricia Lamson

Let’s face it. We are all thinking about closure and how it will affect us. Hi, my name is Patricia Lamson and I have the pleasure of working with the great team at Army Community Service to provide a full range of helping and resiliency services to the Schweinfurt Community. I want to assure you that the ACS team is committed to providing you first class service until the last soldier leaves our community.

Our team is has been augmented recently with several new members. With these additions we are confident that we will be able to meet the essential needs of the community in the months to come. Our calendar of classes is set through the end of the year and ensures that all of the ACS program you rely on will continue.

acs-buttonAs we enter 2014 we will continue to offer new programs to respond to the new needs of the community. One change that you will be seeing is less pre-scheduled classes. We realize that your schedule is not always flexible enough to adapt to our class calendar, so many of our classes will transition to a one-on-one or small group format in 2014. All you need to do to schedule one is give us a call. We are making this change to better meet the needs of the community members still remaining in the community.

The Schweinfurt ACS team believes that this is the best hometown in America’s Army, and we intend to continue to provide our community with services and programs that focus on Families, finances and emotional well-being. If you have questions about any of our offerings, stop by building 242 on Ledward Barracks.  You can also give us a call at DSN: 354-6933,  Civ: 09721-96-6933 or send us an email at

We are here for you and we will be here until the gates close.


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