Your guide to private rental bulk trash disposal


Image by withassociates via Flickr Creative Commons.

Private Rental Housing residents, this is 1LT Alexander Magginetti and I’m your DPW Operations Officer. If you live in private rental housing, you might be wondering, How do I get rid of my bulk trash? Well, I’ve got some solutions for you.

First, what is private-rental housing? In Schweinfurt, Soldiers, DA civilians and their families are eligible to live in one of three locations: 1. On-post housing on Askren Manor, Yorktown Village of Conn Barracks, 2. Government-leased housing, or 3. Private rental housing.

Private rental housing refers to off-post housing owned by a private owner. Those living in private rental housing receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and pay the rent directly to the owner. In private-rental houses, you are responsible for utilities and trash disposal—and that means bulk trash, too.  The real money maker here for you is to plan ahead. Waiting until the last week to dispose of items is the wrong answer because you leave the garrison with no way to help you in a short time span. So let us help you before it is too late.

Bulk trash are items that are too large to fit into you regular trash container. They include old furniture, all electrical appliances, bicycles, old grills, used bed sheets, blankets and large toys. Here are several options to properly dispose of your private-rental bulk trash without receiving a fine for dumping:

Conn Recycle Center (2)

The Recycle Center on Conn Barracks

  1. On Post – If you live in private-rental housing, you are allowed to use the USAG Schweinfurt recycle centers to dispose of your bulk trash and even dispose of hazardous wastes such as oil and old tires. Transport your bulk-trash items to the recycle centers on Conn and Askren and dispose of them there.  Take note however that you are not allowed to dispose of your items in unit trash areas.
  2. Local Recycling/Pawn it off – Utilize the small recycle centers that are common to each city and small town or give re-usable items to your neighbors.  There is always the destructive method of making large items small enough to fit into appropriate sort bins assuming that you don’t put things where they aren’t supposed to go.  For more information on the options available, check out the post “Helping the Pre-Move Purge
  3. Use the city system – Coordinate bulk-trash pick-up with your local German city.  Residents are generally allowed two free bulk trash pick-ups a year.  But to do this, you must contact your local Rathaus or town hall representative and schedule a pick-up. Sound intimidating?  No worries.  Contact the DPW housing office for help and we’ll arrange a pick-up from your local Community.  You can reach the housing office at DSN 354-6317/6448, CIV 09721-96-6317/6448.  One important thing to note is that the city, not you, decides on which day they will pick up your trash based off the local demand, you cannot request a day to have your items picked up.  Additionally some cities require you to pay a fee for bulk trash removal.  Additionally items such as tires, and hazardous wastes (oils etc.) will not be picked up.  Obviously this is the least preferred method of disposing of your material since you have to wait a long period of time before the city decides there are enough people in your city to warrant a trash pickup, additionally there is no guarantee that they will remove all of your items if they do arrive.
  4. Check out my colleague’s blog “Your ‘How-to’ guide to bulk trash disposal.” 1LT Dawn Hoch provides more tips, such as donating to the Freecycle Center or hosting your own yard sale.

Please note that the Directorate of Public Works is not authorized to transport for bulk trash from your private rental house. That means begin planning now. Based on our observations at DPW, we recommend that—when coordinating a city pick-up—you plan ahead. You can anticipate at least two months or more before a bulk trash pickup is performed by your local community.


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