Knowing where to host parties on- and off-post


Kessler Bowling Center offers Party Packages for up to 10 children.

It’s that time of year again – party season! But the garrison closure scheduled for September 2014 has forced the shutdown of the Yellow Ribbon Room and Ledward Movie Theater, limiting our choices to host parties. And let’s face it. Hosting a party at the house isn’t always the most ideal situation. After two years, I am still cleaning flour out of the cracks of our dining room table from a cookie exchange. So where can we go?

Over the past four years I’ve hosted my fair share of get-togethers both in-home and at local venues. And if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s this: Avoid the stress of prepping at home and host it at a local venue.

Our community has an assortment of accommodations suited for various types of events. Additionally, as we prepare to enter the party season, I offer this list of places I have used on- and off-post in the Schweinfurt area.  Remember this is just from the perspective of an attendee. Enjoy!

Have you been to or hosted a party at any of these venues?  Share your experience below, or offer locations you enjoy.


Most of the off post locations offer party options for kids up through and including adults. All of the off post locations have at least one English speaking person available to help you plan according to your event needs.

off-post-party-locationsEditor’s note: The information on this page, nor the accompanying external hyperlinks, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or the information, products, or services contained therein.


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