Painting quarters no longer part of clearance from government-owned housing

Painting your quarters is no longer a requirement when clearing from housing at Askren Manor, Yorktown Village and government-leased housing.

Part of the procedures for preparing for final clearance of government-owned quarters—which includes all housing units on Askren, Yorktown and off-post government-leased housing—includes a final inspection by one of our professional government inspectors.

cutting in

Image by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr Creative Commons

In the past, our inspector would determine during the pre-termination inspection whether quarters needed to be painted. And the tenant faced two options if the painting was considered beyond normal wear and tear: Paint or pay charges.

We enforced this policy to ensure that the next tenants would receive a comfortable, well-maintained home. But since our garrison is scheduled to close by the end of September 2014, and no one else is moving in, there is no need for the policy.

We ask that all tenants clearing from government-owned housing continue to follow all other clearance procedures, which include turning over clean quarters and clearing your areas of waste.

This change in policy, however, does not affect those living in private rentals. Community members living in a private rental should determine clearance procedures with their landlords. Contact the DPW housing office for help at DSN 354-6317/6448, CIV 09721-96-6317/6448.


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