Building 40: Serving you until closure

Everyone in Schweinfurt has begun or is in the process of preparing for an upcoming PCS. Accompanying this preparation is the stress and feelings of uneasiness unique to the PCS process. To add to this sense of uncertainty, rumors have begun popping up that Schweinfurt’s key building to help out-process personnel, Building 40, will be discontinuing services before September 2014. The assumption would be that Soldiers and their families will have to go to Ansbach to complete their paperwork.

Deborah Lawson, Schweinfurt's Director of Human Resources, gives tips on how to save time during out processing.

Deborah Lawson, Schweinfurt’s Director of Human Resources.

Hi, my name is Deborah Lawson, Director of Human Resources for Schweinfurt and I am here to dispel the rumors. They are simply untrue.

We are committed to serving our Soldiers, civilians and their families ensuring that they receive the best service possible. To achieve this, the Directorate of Human Resources will continue services in Building 40 until the last of our Soldiers and their dependents have departed. The only changed to service is that we now take appointments in addition to walk-ins. Our passport section is by appointment only.

In the past units have coordinated with the garrison’s operations office (known as DPTMS) to have a large out-processing rodeos, where all paperwork can be done in one sitting. While none are currently planned for the remaining units , these rodeos will be announced 2-3 months in advance of when they will occur, allowing plenty of time for planning.

When preparing for your PCS, read how you can reduce wait time at Building 40 by 40% for some helpful tips to speed up and out-process smoothly. And when in doubt, you can always call us at DSN 353-1350/1770, CIV 09721-96-1350/1770.


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