Schweinfurt’s dental clinic approaches closure: what you need to know

MAJ Azure Utley, Schweinfurt Dental Clinic's Officer in Charge

Maj. Azure Utley, Schweinfurt Dental Clinic’s Officer in Charge

We recently announced that the USAG Schweinfurt Dental Clinic would close May 30, 2014. You may be concerned about how dental care will be provided to the Schweinfurt Military Community after the clinic ceases operations and as the garrison prepares for eventual closure in September 2014.

Schweinfurt, my name is Maj. Azure Utley and I’m the OIC at the USAG Schweinfurt Dental Clinic. I would like to provide you with a guide for how you can continue to receive excellent dental care and successfully transition to your next dental care giver.

All soldiers redeploying to Schweinfurt will be seen at the Dental Clinic here for their reintegration checkups, even after the Clinic’s official closure date.

After May 30, the nearest Dental Treatment Facility will be Katterbach Dental Clinic. This is the clinic where all Active Duty service members and Retirees will go in order to receive routine dental check-ups and care. The clinic can only take Retirees on a space available basis, so we encourage you to use the network dentists through the Tricare Dental Retiree Program.

Family Members of Active Duty service members can visit the Clinic in Katterbach, or can contact our Tricare Service Health Benefit Advisor at DSN 354-6687, CIV 09731-96-6539. The advisor can supply you with a list of host-nation dentists on the economy who are in the Tricare network and can meet your routine dental care needs.

clinicIn order for the transition process to go smoothly, patients will need to pick up their dental record and hand carry it to their nearest dental treatment facility. The deadlines to pick up these records vary depending on your status and are listed below:

  • Retirees: Pick up your records no later than February 28, 2014.
  • Adult Family Members & other eligible beneficiaries: Pick up your records no later than May 30, 2014. You must bring a copy of your sponsor’s orders when requesting records.
  • Active Duty: Pick up your records no later than May 30, 2014. Service members can request records of dependent minors. You must bring a copy of your orders when requesting records.

If dental records are not picked up by the above dates, they will be transferred in the following manner:

  • Retirees/ Family Members & other eligible beneficiaries: Records will be transferred to the Records Holding Area in Kaiserslautern. They will be held in this location for three years, after which they will be destroyed. To request records after May 30, 2014, contact the Katterbach Dental Clinic to fill out the necessary request forms.
  • Active Duty who PCS: When records are requested, a check will be conducted by the Medical Protection System and the Medical Operational Data system. If the service member is found, his or her records will be sent to the gaining duty station’s clinic. If the service member is not found in these systems, the records will be sent to HQ U.S. Army Medical Command Fort Sam Houston, TX.
  • Active Duty who ETS: The records will be transferred to AMEDD Record Processing Center in San Antonio, Texas

We are committed to providing a high level of care to our service members, retirees and their families, now, through and post-closure. If you have any questions regarding your dental care during the upcoming months, please contact the USAG Schweinfurt Dental Clinic at DSN 354-1720, CIV 09721-96-1720.


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