Tax Center: What happens to your tax records

Cpt. MontgomeryThe USAG Schweinfurt Tax Center and the USAG Bamberg Tax Center maintain tax records for the past three years. We maintain the records for the benefit of our clients to make filing in future years easier, as well as to tax answer any questions that could arise based on past year returns.

But USAG Bamberg and USAG Schweinfurt are scheduled to close September 2014. When our tax centers close (April 30, 2014), tax center personnel will transport all tax records from Schweinfurt and Bamberg to the USAG Grafenwoehr Tax Center located at Main Post, Building 216. The phone numbers are DSN 475-9258, CIV 09641-83-9258.

The USAG Grafenwoehr Tax Center will then maintain the records in the future. If you would like copies of your records before they are transported to Grafenwoehr, I recommend contacting the Tax Center to request copies by Friday, 18 April 2014. This will allow tax center personnel adequate time to prepare copies and provide them to the client before closure.


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