Is the garrison moving Askren residents to other housing units?

Schweinfurt, this is your Garrison Manager, Brian Adkins, and I’m accountable for the garrison and its closure. We recently received this question from a community member:

“I have a question about a rumor going around. I have heard that as the apartments on Askren empty out, the remaining families are going to be consolidated into buildings close to the commissary. Is this true?”

There is some truth to this rumor, so allow me to clarify. It’s true: We are consolidating housing units on Askren Manor on a building-by-building basis. Our closure-focused goal is to consolidate and shut down buildings while minimizing the impact on families. As community members PCS, some Askren housing units are becoming more and more empty. We identify those units and contact eligible tenants to assist in moving them to a fuller unit. This allows us to shut down housing units for turnover to German officials in 2014. The payoff is we cut down on isolating community members in empty buildings, and those community members get to move into newer, refurbished buildings closer to the commissary.

askrenWhat’s important to realize is that we are not forcing people out of their homes, nor do we foresee ever having to do that. We are grateful for the support we are getting from those affected by the move. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without their cooperation. Staff at our housing office are only requesting those to eligible move whose PCS dates are further down the road. This consolidation process will be slow and incremental, similar to how we moved community members from government leased off-post housing to Askren.

At this time, we are not taking volunteers. Be sure to keep checking the Closure 2014 webpage and the Closure Blog for the most up-to-date information about any possible changes to housing.  If you have any further closure-related questions, please be sure to submit them via the Closure Blog Submit a Question form.


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